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What is iKitesurf?

iKitesurf is wind centered community created to support kiteboarding. Developed by a small team that shares a passion for wind & kitesurfing

Who is it for?

iKitesurf allows you to connect with local riders, monitor wind, find new spots to ride, & even sell your gear

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We make it easy for you to find the wind you're after no matter where you are. You can use the site even without signing up for a membership

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Some of iKitesurf's Awesome Features

Classic iKitesurf.com

For those of you long-time Classic iKitesurf users, our classic website is here to stay. The classic iKitesurf weather tools including maps, graphs, forecast tables (meteograms), and the myiK page, are availabele here. Please leave us your feedback in our forums, or contact us directly.

Videos, Forums, & Classifieds

Join one of the largest and fastest growing kiteboarding communities on the web. Our community is constantly updated and better than ever! A leader since the dawn of the sport, iKitesurf.com continues to innovate across the board. Connect with other riders from around the world, share photos and videos -- all in a safe and friendly environment.

Reports for 50,000+ Weather Stations

iKitesurf.com gives you the greatest world-wide array of weather stations. 50,000 stations and counting. Just about all the wind data in the world is at your fingertips! At home, or when you travel, check iKitesurf.com, your complete source on wind information.

Forecasts for anywhere on Earth

iKitesurf offers the best kiteboarding forecasts in the world. By employing several geographic-based weather models, we give riders the best weather data available. We also place forecast and real-time observations in the same view so kiteboarders can compare how accurate the forecast is against observational data. No sensor? No problem. We give riders the ability to instantly get a forecast for anywhere on Earth. With over 27 years of experience forecasting for kiteboarders and windsurfers, you can count on us to keep you informed about where and when to ride. You will always know what's up -- exactly where it matters.

Wind alerts on the go

Never miss another windy day. iKitesurf’s wind and forecast alerts tell you when it’s time to ride! Receive notifications via e-mail, SMS, or on your mobile device from our entire weather station array and worldwide forecasting system. Wind & forecast alerts are also highly customizable. Users can choose from settings for specific wind directions, high and low wind speeds, days of the week, frequency of alerts, wind gusts or averages.


iKitesurf offers high resolution NEXRAD Level 3 radar. NEXRAD is a network of high-resolution S-band Doppler weather radars scattered across North America and operated by the National Weather Service. Make sure you are not caught off guard by monitoring wind reports in the same the view as the radar playback. This feature makes it easy to track gust fronts and other storm related wind. All of this means we help to keep your local kiting spots as safe as possible. North America Only.

Tides & Waves

iKitesurf.com also has you covered with tide and wave information. Our recently redesigned and updated tide displays are incredible. In areas where waves, tides and currents are a deciding factor in your session, you can easily compare high and low tides with sunset, sunrise and sea level height changes. To check for surf, our operational ocean wave predictions (NOAA/NWS/NCEP) use the wave model WaveWatch III ®.

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